SEPA CREDIT TRANSFER: How to understand and add value to your SCT Payment Project

By Jean-paul Megue

SCT sepa credit transfert

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As a business analyst, solution designer, architect, tester, project or program manager working on SEPA Credit Transfer related projects, you want to understand the SEPA Credit Transfer and how banks implement it without having to read tons of documents. You are looking for answers to questions around SCT messages, the payment engines used to process them and the other applications and systems involved in SCT processing. This book provides you the answers to these questions and much more. Beginning with the underlying payment system model for the SCT, a thorough analysis of all the actors involved in SCT processes is made. Key concepts in payments like clearing, settlement, direct and indirect participants are presented. The ISO 20022 standard on which the SCT messages are based is introduced, and the differences between ISO standard and the SCT implementation guidelines are highlighted and made clear with examples. An overview of all SCT Additional Optional Services is also provided.The processing of a SEPA Credit Transfer requires involvement of many applications of the Bank’s IT environment. What are those applications? How do they interact with each other for the information exchange? Payment engines are of particular interest because they orchestrate the SCT processing. How do users interact with payment engines through the GUI? Which actions can they perform and how to ensure confidentiality? Get the answers to all these questions with practical examples.Accounting and account balance management are crucial topics in payments and SCT processing. You get a step by step explanations of what they are and the underlying principles. You see how funds moves from the originating customer to the beneficiary and how the bank ensures availability of funds before execution of SCT orders. This book will enable you to save precious time and move to the fast track in your career in banking and payment.


“I have met few people who understand and can teach payments and SEPA Credit Transfer like Jean Paul.This book is a step-by-step guide to really master SCT and the payments topic for consultants and people implementing payments systems. Jean Paul makes payments incredibly easy for anyone.” Jeroen Holscher, Global head of Cards and Payments at Capgemini.

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