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Payments Fundamentals Course

The purpose of payments fundamentals course is to provide you with the principles and keys to understand and study any payment system.

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1 Year for € 497 then € 77 / Year

Module 1 – Payments, Payment instruments and payment systems

  • What is a payment?
  • Payment instrument definition and classification
    • Cash and non-Cash usages
  • Payment systems definition
  • Payment systems volumes
  • End parties and their needs
  • End parties quadrants in payments
  • Assessment Quiz

Module 2 – Payments systems models

  • Introduction to payments systems models
    • System modeling
    • Types of payments systems models
  • Open loop models
    • Payments system(s) anatomy at country level
    • Example Payments systems in France
  • Closed loop models
    • Example American Express
  • Models for cryptocurrencies
    • Example the Bitcoin
  • Assessment Quiz

Module 3 – The Four Corner Model

  • From Open Loop Models to the Four corner Model
  • The Four Corner Model
  • Few examples of Four Corner Models
  • Direct and Indirect participants to CSMs
    • Direct participants
    • Indirect participants with no direct access to clearing system
    • Indirect participants with direct access to clearing system
  • Participation directories

Module 4 – Clearing and settlement Mechanisms

  • What is Clearing?
  • Bilateral clearing
  • Multilateral clearing
  • (Gross and Net) Settlement
  • The two types of Net Settlements
  • Main types of clearing and settlement systems
  • Assessment Quiz

Module 5 – Push and Pull payments and related risks

  • Introduction and definitions
  • Push payments and few examples
  • Pull payments and few examples
  • Summary – Push and Pull payments
  • Assessment Quiz

Module 6 – Payments messages standards

  • The Four Corner Model
  • Customer-to-bank space and interbank space
  • Why standards are needed for payment messages
  • Payments Messages Standards (ISO 20022, SWIFT MT/MX, Local standards)
  • Original transactions and Related-transactions
  • Assessment Quiz

Module 7 – Domestic and International payments

  • Domestic payments
    • Definition
    • Intrabank payment
    • intra bankgroup payments
    • Interbank payments
  • International payments
    • Domestic vs. Cross-border payments
    • The six party model for cross border payments
    • Correspondent banking – Nostro, Vostro and Loro accounts
    • SWIFT – The gobal secure messaging platform
  • Assessment Quiz

Module 8 – Payment processing value chain

  • Value chain and Payment processing value chain
  • Payment processing value chain (From a bank’s perspective)
  • The Straight Through Processing (STP)
  • Payment processing value chain analysis
    • Payment acquisition and reporting
    • Payment Order Management
    • Payment Exchange
  • Payment status reports

Module 9 – Regulations and Risks in payments

  • Payments regulations
    • Introduction
    • Key regulatory goals
    • Few examples of payment regulations and initiatives
    • Subjects covered by private rules
  • Risk and risk management in payments
    • Definitions
    • The main types of risks in payments
    • Operational risks (Errors and Failures, Fraud risk, Data security risk, Business disruption risk)
    • Legal risks (Compliance risk, Regulatory risk, Contractual risk)
    • Financial risks (Credit risk, Liquidity / Settlement risk, Systemic risk)
  • Assessment Quiz

Module 10 – Economic models in payments

  • Economic models of Payments Systems and Payment Service Providers
  • Economic models of Payments Systems
    • Example of CSMs
    • Example of Card schemes
    • Example of cryptocurrency
  • Economic models of Payment Service Providers
  • PSPs Direct revenues
    • Transactions fees
    • Interest on associated loans
    • Monthly maintenance fees
    • Subscription fees
    • Commission on turnover (CoT)
    • Exception fees
  • PSPs Indirect revenues
    • Float
    • Interchange
    • Net interest income on deposit balances
  • Assessment Quiz

Module 11 – Main key players in the payment industry

  • Payments is a dynamic industry with a bright future
  • Overview of few main players in the payments industry
    • Players that are part of the value chain
      • Consumers and merchants
      • Bank payment service providers
      • Non-bank payment service providers
      • Card schemes
      • ACH schemes
      • RTP schemes
      • RTGS schemes
    • Other players
      • Technology vendors
      • Business and IT Consulting companies
      • Strategy and Advisory Consulting companies
  • Assessment Quiz


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